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Chimney Liners
We offer a wide range of caps to suit any chimney: round, square, rectangle or multi-flued. Custom built models are also available for challenging installations. A quality chimney cap is a one-time investment that will protect your chimney for a lifetime. Fireplaces in older homes were built without dampers. Dampers help prevent heat loss by sealing the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. An open fireplace chimney can allow hundreds of dollars in energy loss through the chimney each year. A top mount damper is an effective solution for upgrading an older fireplace chimney. It’s even a great idea for newer fireplace chimneys, as well!
As chimneys age, they begin to deteriorate and threaten the safety of the home. Relining an existing chimney can be tricky, but a flexible steel lining system makes difficult applications easier.

We have been installing chimney liners for over 20 years and would be glad to speak with you about which chimney liner might be best for your home.
We offer custom chimney building services...from your basic block chimney, brick, stone, or class A stainless steel.  Beautiful custom hearths can be created in off-season times of the year, usually Jan.-July.  Inquires always welcome and appreciated!
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Wood Stoves, Inserts & Pellet Stoves

We now offer Napoleon® brand heating products distributed by our friends of Canada.  These great stoves offering large viewing areas of glass.  Quiet blowers, and years and years of warmth and satisfaction at a reasonable price range.  These photos are just a small example of the options available.  Take a look at a complete list at Napoleon®.
At Abzolute Enterprizez, we use products made right here in the U.S.A.

If you check a stainless steel chimney cap at a "big box" retail store...hold a magnet to will stick to them. REAL QUALITY stainless steel products will not hold a magnet. We only install top quality products for liners, caps, chimney chase covers made in the U.S.A. We can order any size, any shape, stainless, copper, powder name it, we can get it!  

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